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Being a new student is not always easy especially if you are from another state or country.  However, we are here to assist so that you will have a pleasant time during your program of study.


Orientation Program

The Orientation Program is designed to welcome you as a student of the academy.  Besides getting yourself acquainted with our academic and administrative staff,  you will be given information about the academy, departments, facilities and also services that CETA provides.

This is a programme not to be missed!  Other activities to look out for include academy guided tours, student photo taking session, programme and subject briefings, subject enrolments as well as fun-filled activities and games for you to meet new friends.

You should report at the respective program registration booth on your Orientation day.  If you are not able to be present on Orientation day, you are required to inform the admissions officer at the Information Centre.

Failure to report yourself within the time allowed may lead to automatic withdrawal of your place of study in the program.


Academy Rules and Regulations

As a student of the academy, you are expected to be aware and comply with the institutional rules and regulations.  Non-compliance could lead to suspension of the use of facilities.  This may involve disciplinary action(s) being taken against you.  You will be given a copy of the CETA’s Rules and Regulations Handbook on your Orientation day.

It should be noted that certain faculties and Departments may have additional rules and/or policies that you should also be aware of.

Student Records

Your personal details will be captured from the program registration form submitted by you and stored securely in our computer systems that hold students’ data.

If you have any pending data and/or documents, you must submit them to us within FIVE (5) working days from the commencement date of your program.

You are advised to update your personal details by submitting the relevant documents to us each time there is a change in your personal particulars like contact numbers, addresses etc.  This is to help ensure that your records are updated accurately and completely.


Review of Conditional Offer

If you are currently studying in a program under condition(s), you should request for a review of your current status at the earliest possible date.  The review must be made within the first semester of your study or within the period specified in your offer letter.  Students with forecast/pending results must submit a certified true copy of their actual results to the Registry within 14 calendar days from the official release date of the actual results.

Failure to convert your conditional offer status on time will lead to your place of study in the current program being withdrawn.


Subject Enrollment

Every student is required to enrol for the subjects at the start of or before each semester. Subject enrolment is a separate process from program registration.  It involves choosing and confirming the subjects that you wish to take in each semester in order to complete your program of study at the University.


Payment of Fees

The tuition fee and other fees are stipulated in the fees structure of your program.  The first semester fees must be paid in full before/on the commencement date of your program and subsequently at the beginning of each semester.



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